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The WE Knife Co. Rectifier 803 is definitely one of the smaller, lighter carry offerings by the WE knife Co.  This knife fits into that very practical everyday carry knife market.  I personally have carried this knife to find because of it's size at a closed length of 3.95" and weight of only 2.75oz you virtually forget it is there.  Even though this is a smaller more practical knife, WE Knife has not sacrificed with regard to material selections. 

The blade is constructed of CPM S35VN steel in a drop point style.  CPM S35VN steel holds and edge extremely well and can become very sharp.  Being a high hollow ground blade, the steel behind the edge will stay thin for a longer period of time in contrast to a flat ground blade where the steel behind the edge gets thicker with each sharpening. The blades edge has a very slight recurve, so slight as a matter of fact you may be able to sharpen it out.  Available finishes for the blade are black stonewash satin and stonewash satin.  

Let's talk about the handle for a moment.  The WE Rectifier handle is constructed of G-10 material on one side and 6AL4V titanium on the other side.  G-10 can sometimes be over-aggressive but on this model, the light texture G-10 feels great.  G-10 is available in several different colors, black, grey, tan and green, although the black and grey seem to be harder to obtain.  I am a big fan of having titanium on one side of the handle.  It won't tear up clothes even if you are wearing dress pants which makes this a great gentlemen's knife choice.  A simple handle design makes this knife ergonomically comfortable in the hand and the blade is backed up by a sturdy titanium frame lock.  A quick mention here, WE Knife is using all torx type hardware throughout on this product. Along with the titanium handle the WE 803 Rectifier also has a milled titanium pocket clip and back-spacer with a lanyard hole.  

As far as value, let's take into comparison the Spyderco Delica.  The Delica offers an frn handle (fiberglass reinforced nylon), and if you step up to the ZDP-189 blade steel will run MSRP $164.00, (you can usually find it for about $107.00).  When you take a look at the 803 Rectifier, you have a G-10/Titanium handle, CPM S35VN blade steel, milled titanium pocket clip and ceramic ball bearing pivot.  MSRP on this knife is $170.00 and you can find it here at blades-edge.com for $144.50.  Price wise I think it is extremely competitive and I tend to like the handle material a little better.  Weight here is really not a factor, the Delica comes in weight wise about 2.50oz and the Rectifier at 2.75oz.

In closing, if you are looking for a great high end everyday carry gentlemen's knife using some of the best materials on the market today, the WE Knife Co. Rectifier may be the knife for you. 


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