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KA-BAR-Wrench Knife-1119

KA-BAR-Wrench Knife-1119

A new offering from KA-BAR is the Forged Wrench Knife.  Now, although there is no actual wrench feature, this knife really has a real second kind of cool.  Because of the fact this fixed blade is drop forged, each piece will have it's own imperfections.  Another words, each one is a "one of kind".

First off, Blade Magazine in there spring 2020 issue did a small article with some discussion with Joe Bradley from KA-BAR explaining this is the first ever KA-BAR drop forged knife.  But what is drop forging?  Let's talk about the general process for a moment.  The shaping process starts with a heated steel billet being placed on a lower die mold while an overhead die equipped ram hammer drives or "drops down" forcing the heated billet to take shape of the die mold blocks.  KA-BAR's actual process is much more involved but this is the basic idea.  This is not new, I am sure most if not all of us have drop forged tools in our tool box.  But, because of this drop forging process each piece is slightly different like I mentioned earlier, but it also makes this one solid piece of 425 stainless steel a very strong tool.  

Let's take a look at a couple of Specifications: 

Model - Wrench Knife 

Model No. 1119

Overall Length - 7.13"

Overall Weight - 3.2 oz

Blade Steel - 425 Stainless Steel 

Blade Length - 3.19"

Blade Thickness - .19"

Blade Grind - High Flat Ground

Handle Length - 4"

Comes with a Polymer Sheath


Functionality wise, KA-BAR was going for the utility type of knife you would find construction workers loading into there tool belt or pouch.  Coming from the construction industry myself.........It's a good fit.  Standard pocket knives are used all the time in construction but because it's a fixed blade and has a sheath, deployment from your tool belt is quick and when you finish the task it's just as easy to secure the knife in the sheath, (maybe they should consider a serrated edge for those drywall guys).  By the way, it only weighs 3.20 ounces.  Because of the fact the handle resembles a wrench some may not even know that a knife in your belt.  Value wise, this knife can be found most places for under $40 dollars.  I think it's well worth the money.  

This knife has already found a place in my collection.  For most of us who have several knives in our everyday carry rotation, this knife represents something really different.  It 's a conversational piece that attracts interest. I have already had people ask if I crafted this little work of art myself.  Who knows, if KA-BAR discontinues the item after a short run, it may end up being a collectors item.  Any way hat's off to KA-BAR for bringing something different to the table at a reasonable price.  Good Job!



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